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Better Online Reviews for Your Local Businesses – a 3-Step Checklist

Better Online Reviews for Your Local Businesses – a 3-Step Checklist

Starting a business is difficult. Growing it is even harder. You’ve invested so much time, money and effort to make your company strong. But with so many moving parts, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the little things that can influence whether your business is a success or not.

In our case, we help local companies grow their online presence by improving their reputation online. Our approach is simple: people trust reviews. People like to see what other customers have to say about you. You can have the best website, Facebook page and ad campaigns, but people know you’re showing them your best face. In the eyes of your customers, your online reputation score is as unbiased as it gets. So if you invest in your Google and Facebook reviews, you will fix a marketing problem many of your competitors haven’t even thought of.

That is why we put together a quick checklist of some important things you need to know about how online reviews can make or break your local business.

Your Business Needs a Plan in Place

Most companies think that people will naturally leave reviews on their Facebook and Google pages. The problem is that the people most motivated to take the time to write a review are the clients who just had a bad experience. In a burst of anger and thirst for “revenge” they’ll type a review that will make your business sound like you did it on purpose, but you know your side of the story. It probably was just a bad day or you met one of those customers that are impossible to please. It doesn’t matter. The point is that angry customers are the most likely people to leave you a review.

So you need a plan to make sure that your regular customers leave reviews. Three out of four people will leave a review if you ask them, but you have to make it easy for them. So you need a tool that makes it easy for your clients to give you that 5 star review.

Your Business Needs a Tool to Use

“There’s an app for that.” Isn’t it great? Virtually anything we can think of is possible with an app. That’s why we built the Real Time Reviews app. In just 3 steps your team can ask your happy customer to leave a review. And when they get it on their phone, all they have to do is say they want to leave a review, and they’re in. You get your Facebook or Google review in a matter of seconds.

Your Business Needs to Track Results

Marketing efforts are only worth it if you can track if they’re being effective. Our app will help you keep track of your efforts to get more people to leave you reviews. You’ll see how it impacts your overall score, and see how it gradually makes people trust your business just by looking at your review score.

Getting More and Better Online Reviews is Easy

Let’s be honest. This is a list that you shouldn’t have to take care of by yourself. Your job should be to focus on the business part of your company. Let us take care of your online reputation. With our affordable monthly plan, you get an app that makes it easy for you and your employees to get better online scores. On top of that, we have marketing experts that can help you better understand this side of marketing.

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