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Do Yelp Reviews Work?

Do Yelp Reviews Work?

Yelp is a social networking site that was first established in 2004. It allows its members to post reviews of businesses that they have used online to share with other members. It currently operates in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom, and when you log in to your account you are able to choose the location that you are living. Reviews come with a simple five-star system, so that users can quickly see how popular a certain business is before reading the detailed reviews.

People have been recommending businesses that they have used to their friends since the very first businesses were set up, so the concept is not anything new. Whether you have had a good or bad experience with a business, you might want to let people know about it. The widespread use of the internet today means that it is now easier to do this than ever, and this experience can be shared with thousands of other users.

So if you own a business, how can Yelp reviews benefit you? Well for a start, over 85% of the reviews on Yelp have 3 stars or higher, which suggests that more people use the site to tell other about good experiences rather than bad. If your customers are happy with the service that you are provided then they may use the site to tell others about this experience, which can help improve your reputation locally. More recommendations are likely to lead to more new customers.

As a company, Yelp works hard to ensure that all reviews that are posted are genuine. They will look out for employees of a rival business leaving a bad review about you for example. This helps to give users confidence that the information that they read about your business is correct. Once a review has been posted, it can only be deleted by the user that has written it, meaning that businesses are not able to just let their customers see favourable reviews.

Another advantage of Yelp is that people who are just looking for recommendations for the line of business that you are in may come across your company, even if they have never heard of you before. This could lead to you gaining new clients that will leave a positive review of your business if they are happy with the service that you receive. This in turn could lead to even more new clients and could ultimately lead to the growth of your business.

Of course, all of these advantages will only work for your business if your customers have positive experiences to write about. If a customers tells you that they are happy with the service that they have received, then encourage them to write a Yelp review. If they are not happy, make sure that you do everything in your power to rectify the situation. If you concentrate on running your business with your customers at the forefront of what you do, the positive reviews will soon be pouring in. Not everyone will be happy with the service that you provide all the time, but if you have more good reviews than bad, then people are still likely to consider using your company.

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