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Getting Online Reviews for Plumbing Companies

Getting Online Reviews for Plumbing Companies

The first thing that someone with a plumbing problem will do is go online and search for the closest plumbing company they can find. They’ll want to know where they are, what kind of services they offer, whether they take emergency calls and, above all, their online review score.

It is to be expected. Plumbing isn’t something that anyone wants to gamble with. So in the event of a leaky toilet or a broken pipe, customers will always go with whoever has the best review score.

That is why hundreds of plumbing companies around the US are realizing the importance of having a healthy online review score. And with our help, you can also improve your online reputation and improve your sales in the process.

Getting Reviews Is a No-Brainer

Different markets have different behaviors. So for residential and commercial service providers, people have different expectations than they would, for example, an online purchase or even food. The expectation of a plumbing service is that it should be a one-time thing and then forget about it for years. So with that in mind, here are some numbers that will show you the importance of online reviews for your plumbing company. These numbers are originally meant for residential services, but it would be safe to apply it to plumbing companies.

  • 86% of your potential customers would pay more for a plumbing company with higher ratings and reviews.
  • 68% say they find online reviews to be “extremely valuable” or “very valuable” when evaluating plumbing service providers.
  • 87% of respondents say that quality of service is their most important factor; 78% say cost is most important.
  • 56% of potential customers used online resources to find their most recent residential service provider.

In short, people expect to see your online reviews before they make a decision to call you. Think of it this way: in one glance they’ll decide whether you’re an option or not. All they’re looking for is how many stars your company’s name has.

Does that sound brutal? That’s the local business market for you. The good news is that having those five stars filled up is easier than ever.

A 3-Step Tool

We think you’d rather focus on giving your customers great plumbing service, instead of worrying about marketing. That is why we created the Real Time Review app, a 3-step system that you can use on your smartphone or computer. Here’s how it works:

  • When you finish a job, have your technician ask your customer if they’d recommend you.
  • When they say yes, your technician will send an SMS or an email that will ask your customer to choose whether they want to review your company on Google or Facebook.
  • When your customer makes a choice, all they have to do is leave the review and click send.

That’s it. In five seconds your satisfied customer can leave that review.

The reason why it works is that it is more likely that your customer will leave the review if they’re asked on the spot. Where many companies fail is that they email or call the customer days later when they have already forgotten about it.

Take The Next Step

People are looking for the best plumbing company near them. You know the competition is fierce. So if you get more great reviews, people will take their phones and call you.

Let us help you improve your online reputation. Our monthly fee packages are affordable, easy to understand and will give you immediate results.

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