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How to Ask a Customer for a Good Review

How to Ask a Customer for a Good Review

Businesses today, rely heavily on good recommendations from their customers. Most new customers shop around first before making a decision on which service provider or product to go with. That is why it is so important to make sure that you convince satisfied customers to leave positive feedback online so that potential customers will see it and get a good impression of your business.

So you may be wondering how you to go about asking a customer to leave a positive review for you, but sound professional and tactful. Here is a list of ways that you can approach your customer and convince them to leave you a good review in a professional manner.

When the job is complete and you are sure that they are satisfied, you should ask them if they saw your reviews online before hiring your company. This will plant the idea and you can start a conversation from there. If they haven’t seen the reviews you can say something like, “Oh, because I was wondering if you agreed with the posted reviews?” You can then suggest that they contribute if they feel that they received excellent customer service. You can even offer a bonus, discount, or token of your appreciation for submitting a positive review of your company online.

You can ask the customer when they first hire you if they checked out the online reviews. You can ask them if it played a part in hiring your company to perform a service. Be sure to mention how important the online reviews are to your business and you can also offer a percentage discount for the next service you provide if you leave a positive review. This is a great way to bring up asking them for a great review without seeming pushy or unprofessional in the process.

Another great way to bring up leaving a positive review is to first gauge the customer’s reaction, and if it seems fairly positive you can have your office personnel contact them after the job has been performed. The person that calls the customer can simply ask for them to leave a review in exchange for some sort of token of your appreciation. Normally a customer will be happy to leave a great review in exchange for great service but by offering something small as a thank you, they will feel appreciated and will think that you care about how satisfied they are with the company. This is common practice for large national companies.

You can take the simple approach and send a thank you email with a link to your website. Most customers will be happy to click the link to give you a good review if the job was done properly. A word of caution, though, in some cases a customer will leave less than perfect reviews with a more passive approach. It is entirely up to you how you approach the customer but just be sure that you are providing excellent service every time when you take this approach.

Whatever method you take when approaching a customer regarding a positive review, just be sure that you are courteous and are not pushy about asking them to take action on your behalf. Always take a friendly and humble approach. The customer is doing you a favor, so be kind always.

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