No Need for Rusty Reviews

Would you hire someone you don’t know to fix your leaky sewer? Neither would we. That is why 88% of customers read online reviews before making a call.

We want your sewer company to thrive because, without you guys, we would have some messy problems.

Build your online reputation with Real Time Reviews so customers can see positive reviews and make the right call. Getting customer reviews has never been easier with Real Time Reviews!


Easy as 1-2-3

We like being efficient while keeping things simple. Send customers a text message and they can immediately write a review and post it in real-time onto Google, Facebook, and other industry-specific platforms.

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Marvel Sewer and Drain

We love receiving feedback from our own customers on how effective Real Time Reviews has been for their business.

Our friends at Marvel Sewer and Drain are growing their business by increasing their online presence. Prior to using the RTR platform, they had less than 7 Google reviews. With the use of RTR, they currently have 72 Google reviews, a 5.0 star-rating, and maintain a strong online reputation.

Way to go, Marvel Sewer and Drain! We are pumped to hear about your growth!

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Our Features

Check out the many bonuses and perks of using the RTR platform.

A real person you can talk with about your account


Text and email options for review requests


Unlimited training, consultation, and support

Detailed monthly reports and competitive benchmarking


Employee tagging to track and measure performance


Enterprise accounts with multiple locations


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fancy term that basically means getting your business to the top of online searches. Whether it’s on your phone, in your car, or sitting at your desk. You want to be at the top to make sure that any potential clients find you first. How do you get there? By having a positive online reputation for your business with plenty of good reviews and a cool maps listing to match.

Need More Marketing?

Real Time Reviews is powered by a very talented team that focuses on digital marketing and design. If your company is looking for more than a review platform, look no further. The Trenchless Marketing team is dedicated to help grow your business and build your brand within your community. Contact us for more information.

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