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How Reviews Can Help Your Roofing Company

How Reviews Can Help Your Roofing Company

With a seasonal business model, roofing companies have to work hard to generate leads when the cold months hit. Once things rev up in the spring and summer, it’s just as much of a challenge to keep customers aware of your brand as you deal with multiple competitors.

How can your roofing company set itself apart enough to succeed during good and bad times? That’s where positive word-of-mouth works its magic. In the eyes of the world, what makes the difference between your company and its competitors is its reputation. Trust can be hard to come by in the home services industry where many customers can only hope the random company they googled will treat them fairly.

The Power of Reviews

Good online reviews can help. The number of consumers that read online reviews has grown to an unbelievable 92 percent, and 88 percent of them say their purchasing decisions are influenced by those same reviews.

So, how do you ensure your customers leave positive feedback? It can often seem like it’s only the squeaky wheels of the world who bother to leave reviews that focus on something negative. Fortunately, your roofing company can use a reputation management platform to give your customers a quick and easy way to recommend your company.

Reputation Management Isn’t Rocket Science

Your roofing company does great work. Your crews are trained to provide the very best in customer service. The way to easily secure positive reviews comes at the very end of a project when the customer is satisfied and your crews have done the very best job they can for them.

Then, when everything has been signed on the dotted line, the project foreman asks the customer a simple question: “Would you be willing to recommend our company?” When they agree, the foreman enters the customer’s name and phone number in the Real Time Reviews app, and voila! There’s a text on the customer’s phone asking if they’d review your roofing company.

The rest of the process is just as easy. When it’s finished, a new 5-star review of your business has been posted to industry-specific platforms, BBB, Home Advisor, or Google. The choice of review platform depends on preference and mobile OS. If you want to score extra points, our app will alert you in real-time whenever a new review has been posted, and you can thank the customer for their input.

Let Us Help

Why struggle to differentiate yourself from competitors as you work hard to generate leads during the ups-and-downs of the roofing market? Let your customers elevate your reputation with Real Time Reviews. Contact us today to learn more.

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