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The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity

As more and more people consult online reviews to select service businesses and products to purchase, getting the right balance of positive reviews can be tricky. Having a four-star rating and above is important to potential customers, with over 90% of customers saying they would pick a company with a four-star rating. If you are a smaller company, it might be difficult to get a higher rating due to a limited number of reviews available. Using Real Time Reviews to gain more reviews and more positive scores, is a proven way to manage your online reputation.

An angry customer can do a lot of damage to your brand.

Think to a time you had a great experience. Did you tell your family and friends that you recommend the product or business? What about a negative experience? Were you quick to leave a review of that company or go to Facebook to publicly shame the business? Consumers are three times as likely to leave negative reviews over positive reviews. And one bad review can cost your business up to 30 potential customers. If you are a large company or a well-established brand, one bad review may not stand out in a sea of positive feedback. If you are a small company, one bad review can be devastating, not only to your company but also to your psyche. You know you cannot please everyone, but it still feels unfair when you and your team work hard to satisfy your customers.

You may need up to 12 positive reviews to outweigh one negative review.

Sending out review requests through Real Time Reviews is a good way to get more reviews, gain more positive feedback, and keep negative reviews from making as big of an impact. Informing your customer to expect a review is a good way to encourage completion of the review as fewer customers interpret the request as spam. If the customer completes the review request through Real Time Reviews, any review that is three stars or less will be parked or kept from being public. This gives your team the option to respond it the review internally before it is live.

Real Time Reviews makes it easy to improve your review numbers by making it easier to get reviews and control what others see about your business. Use the power of positive reviews to help you gain more customers and grow your business. Reach out to one of the dedicated staff at Real Time Reviews for more details on how to make your reviews work for you!

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